1. The event organisation company is BV. Each participant and every spectator commit themselves to all the rules and orders of the organization to comply strictly.
  2. Instructions from the organization, instructors and marshals must be obeyed at all times. The organization has the right to reschudele the event as it sees fit. In all cases, the organization has the right to remove participants off the track, without refund of the entry fee.
  3. Each participant, driver, passenger and spectator will have to complete a renuncation of redress and compliance of the company's disclaimer, which is done by signing this form.
  4. Participation in this day entirely at your own risk. The organization is not liable for any damage at all. This includes damage to the cars, damage to the circuit, but also explicitly for personal injury and consequential loss of any injuries sustained. By signing this form, you agree that such damage can and never will be claimed never on BV, the organization, the instructors or marshals.
  5. BV, the organization, the instructors or marshals cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for damaged, lost or stolen property.
  6. It is expressly prohibited that a car is loaned to an unregistered person to participate in this BV event.
  7. Wearing a helmet is required at all times, both for drivers and co-drivers.
  8. No driver may put themselves or other drivers in danger. Sportsmanship is paramount and any kind of competition is excluded. A driver who violates this rule can be excluded without compensation from further participation in this BV event.
  9. It is in no way allowed to stop on the track or drive in the opposite direction, even in an accident. In case of an accident on the track, you need to finish your round quietly and at the first opportunity go into the pit lane.
  10. Spectators are not allowed along the course except on specifically designated spectator areas.
  11. It's strictly prohibited for the participant to drive under the influence of alcohol, other drugs or medications that affect driving ability.
  12. There's no liability to BV, the organisation, instuctors, marshalls or the track owner, when this event will be temporary or permanently cancelled by whatever reason. Participants nor spectators cannot request a refund in that case, nor claim any other costs that participants or spectators have incurred.
  13. The organization reserves the right to post photos, videos and live video from this BV events on the website of BV or use it for other promotional purposes.
  14. Exclusion from participation can follow when participants are non-compliance with these rules.
  15. Any damage costs that occurs as a result of failure to comply with these rules may be recovered by BV on the participant.

This Release and Compliance of Disclaimer is valid for the following events organised by

Dates 2021:

Zandvoort 15-01, Zolder 16-01, Zandvoort 21-01, Weeze 23-01, Zandvoort 06-02, Zandvoort 07-02, Assen 17-02, Meppen 20-02, Meppen 21-02, Zandvoort 26-02, Zolder 28-02, Zandvoort 03-03, Zandvoort 04-03, Meppen 13-03, Zolder 17-03, Weeze 19-03, Meppen 20-03, Meppen 21-03, Spa-Francorchamps 22-03, Assen 24-03, Zandvoort 27-03, Weeze 03-04, Meppen 04-04, Zandvoort 08-04, Zandvoort 13-04, Zolder 14-04, Zandvoort 23-04, Zandvoort 12-05, Weeze 14-05, Spa-Francorchamps 16-05, Zandvoort 17-05, Spa-Francorchamps 17-05, Zandvoort 25-05, Zandvoort 26-05, Meppen 28-05, Zandvoort 31-05, Weeze 04-06, Zandvoort 07-06, Zandvoort 08-06, Zandvoort 15-06, Zolder 16-06, Spa-Francorchamps 17-06, Bilster Berg 18-06, Zandvoort 01-07, Meppen 03-07, Meppen 04-07, Nürburgring Nordschleife 12-07, Zolder 25-07, Zandvoort 27-07, Nurburgring Nordschleife 09-08, Zolder 11-08, Assen 19-08, Assen 26-08, Zolder 01-09, Bilster Berg 03-09, Spa-Francorchamps 08-09, Zandvoort 23-09, Goodwood 27-09, Assen 08-10, Weeze 09-10, Zandvoort 13-10, Zolder 16-10, Assen 19-10, Zandvoort 25-10, Zandvoort 26-10, Zolder 03-11, Spa-Francorchamps 06-11, Spa-Francorchamps 12-11, Weeze 13-11, Spa-Francorchamps 13-11, Le Mans 18-11, Meppen 20-11, Zandvoort 24-11, Zandvoort 25-11, Weeze 27-11, Zandvoort 28-11, Ascari 03-12, Ascari 04-12, Zolder 04-12, Zandvoort 07-12, Zandvoort 10-12, Zolder 11-12, Zandvoort 16-12

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